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Will Tell Stories For Food

23 April 1973
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I'm a fantasy and SF writer who lives in Minneapolis with a husband and two small children. The kids are my day job: I write mostly at night and on weekends. Writing takes too much concentration to do it when I'm simultaneously trying to listen for sudden escalations in the squabbling or long, suspicious silences.

My published books: Fires of the Faithful and Turning the Storm (this is really one book; Bantam split it in half); Freedom's Gate; Freedom's Apprentice; and Freedom's Sisters.

My unpublished-as-yet books: Bequest, in which the Ark of the Covenant arrives by UPS on the doorstep of a Wiccan woman in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis; Castaways, a middle-grade SF novel in which three kids wind up shipwrecked on another planet; and The House That Wasn't There, a middle-grade fantasy novel in which a girl realizes that there's a house on her block that is invisible to everyone but her.

My current project: Liberty's Daughter, a dystopic near-future YA novel set on a seastead.

I do occasionally write about writing in this LJ, but mostly I write about my kids.