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Election 2013, Volume 7, Issue 1: St. Paul School Board -- now with accurate candidates!

I swear to God that when I looked up my ballot over on on September 21st, the candidates were Jean O'Connell, John Brodrick,
Chue Vue, Luis Ortega, David Martinez, and Sarah Lechowich.

Today we got a Highland Villager with election coverage and they had the candidates for St. Paul school board as Jean O'Connell, John Brodrick,
Chue Vue, Greg Copeland, and Terrance Bushard. I thought, WTF? Who are some of these people? and looked it up again. I don't know if I was looking at outdated data or if I actually got my data somewhere else or what, but in fact, here are the candidates:

Jean O'Connell (Incumbent, DFL-endorsed)
John Brodrick (Incumbent, DFL-endorsed)
Chue Vue (DFL-endorsed)
Greg Copeland (Republican endorsed)
Terrance Bushard

This actually makes it a lot simpler.

Greg Copeland

Greg Copeland is a Republican and apparently spent some time as a ludicrously incompetent city manager in Maplewood. He coordinated a campaign against the school funding levy that passed last year.

Yeah, he's easy to rule out.

Terrance Bushard

Terrance Bushard is a weirdo with a very specific fixation. I'm going to just quote from the voter guide in the Highland Villager: "If elected, I will develop, at little or no cost to taxpayers, a 10-hour course for high school seniors that I am calling, 'The Importance of Financially Accountable Politics.' I want to develop this course because I believe high school seniors need to know that politics is, among other things, an ongoing process through which financial advantages and disadvantages are distributed throughout society."

He's essentially the school board equivalent of the people who run for park board because there's some specific thing that annoys them at their local park, only he's really, really, REALLY specific. (Seriously, read this mostly baffling page from his website.)

He's also easy to rule out.

That leaves:

Jean O'Connell

John Broderick

Chue Vue

When I did my first pass, I liked Jean O'Connell and Chue Vue and preferred one of the other candidates to John Broderick, but that guy has since dropped out and there's absolutely no question that I like John Broderick better than either Terrance or Greg.

So! Straight DFL-endorsed ticket it is. Jean O'Connell, John Broderick, Chue Vue. I don't have to rank them; because the State Legislature regulates how school board races are held, this one is not done with instant runoff. I get to vote for three candidates because there are three open seats, and the count is done by straight-up counting, nothing more complicated.

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