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Naomi [userpic]

Election 2012: Yet Another Addendum to the Soil & Water (Hennepin County) post!

November 2nd, 2012 (02:22 pm)

Our Star Trib voter's guide arrived the other day (yeah, I actually subscribe to a print edition of a newspaper) and to my immense shock, they actually had coverage of the Soil & Water race!

For your convenience, I will provide links AND a C&P of each candidate statement (they're short).

Soil and water supervisor Seat 1

Jeremy Haefs *
This office came out of Minnesota’s populist tradition as farmers demanded the state create it to improve agricultural output. As Minnesotans grew concerned with the threat of pollution, supervisors were also charged with protecting the quality of the state’s waters. I oppose the efforts of politicians to eliminate the Soil and Water Board through arguing for the need for consolidation of localized governments. The public’s demand for clean waters would be ill served by eliminating this simple and accessible elected body that has been charged solely with seeing to water quality. A kingdom for a horse, don’t forget this election.

Eleonore Wesserle
As Hennepin County citizens, our shared soil and water are fundamental to our lives. The food produced from our land base keeps us fed, the water we drink from our taps runs in our veins, and our fair use of these shared resources creates our vibrant, varied communities. But, if you’re like me, you probably have no idea how decision-making around these issues works. If you flip to the back of the ballot and elect me, I will work to strengthen outreach about the process, foster understanding of our respective roles, and engage more directly with you on these issues.

OK, when you say that you serve on a "simple and accessible body" BUT YOU HAVE NO CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE FREAKING INTERNET, you do not get my vote because you are a laughable hypocrite and clearly incompetent. Seriously.

Also, Eleanore Wesserle did e-mail me back, apologetically; she was out of the office recovering from surgery and that's why she didn't respond more promptly. She has a degree in Conservation Biology, a bunch of relevant work experience, and she plans to try to do outreach to the community to make the board more accessible. I feel a lot more confident in my endorsement of Wesserle now!

Soil and water supervisor Seat 3

Marjorie Holsten
I will seek a balance between good stewardship of our resources and excessive infringement on property rights.

Brian Peterson
One in five Minnesotans lives in Hennepin County. We share this densely populated space with more than 330 lakes and wetlands, and 11 major watersheds. In no other county is the preservation of our water quality, wildlife habitat and soil so crucial. With one seat left open in the previous election, it is clear that our county is in need of increased representation on this board. As a representative, I will advocate that the implementation of policies and projects will maximally benefit not only the longevity of our waters and public lands, but also our tax base and property values.

Yeah, still going with Peterson.

Soil and water supervisor Seat 4

Andrew K. Moller
We are fortunate to live in Hennepin County, where we have abundant open spaces, lakes, creeks, parks and miles of recreational trails. Preserving our soil and and water resources for current and future generations while keeping taxes as low as possible during these challenging economic times is my highest priority. Specifically, I will also focus on taking action to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species in our Hennepin County lakes. My private-sector background gives me the ability to accomplish the goal of conserving our soil and water natural resources in a financially prudent manner.

Richard B. Strong *
As a county supervisor and vice chair of Hennepin Soil and Water District last year, I gained valuable experience to effectively set policies for clean water in our county. Our county wetlands are the kidneys of clean, public water and as county supervisor, it is my duty to ensure that these waters are not unduly harmed. As our county grows, there is more pressure put on our wetlands. However, we need both growth and wetlands. I will continue to provide the best and most cost-effective services to the citizens of Hennepin County.

Still going with Strong, mostly because I was able to e-mail him and got a response.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

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