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Naomi [userpic]

Primary Endorsements

August 8th, 2012 (09:56 pm)

So, if you live in Minnesota, you have a primary election coming up on August 14th -- next Tuesday. If you want to find out your candidates, you can visit http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/ and put in your address -- in addition to getting your polling place, you can click a link to get a list of candidates. Complete with their web pages! I think that last bit is new.

That almost makes my endorsements beside the point (I mean, I endorse, but I think the main service I provide my most local friends for those down-ticket races is pulling together information so they don't have to go hunting for it) but I still have to go click the links and do the research, so I might as well share my notes with you.

And just to remind everyone: this is the Primary. Neither of the Constitutional Amendments will be on this ballot. You'll have to come back to the polls in November to vote on those (and please do. I tend to assume I'm preaching to the choir here and I want all you choir members to at least get out and vote on those amendments.)

LJ-cut to have mercy on those out-of-state people who puzzlingly enough do not find my analysis of Minneapolis school board races fascinating.

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