Naomi (naomikritzer) wrote,

Stories Published in 2013 (that you can nominate for awards, should you feel moved)

This is an Award Awareness Post, where I'm going to tell you, "Here's what I published last year! In case you want to nominate it for shiny prizes!") I will note in my defense that when nominating stories, I appreciate being able to find out easily whether things I liked were Short Stories or Novelettes and precisely where they got published in which month (since you always have to write that stuff down). So. In case you think I'm awesome, are nominating for one of the genre awards (or non-genre! heck, feel free to nominate my penis story for the arty-est most thoroughly literary award out there, if you're on the nominating committee) and want to know what all I published last year so you can nominate for me for ALL THE THINGS... here you go!


"Solidarity," The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2013. This is a seastead story, with the same setting and characters as "Liberty's Daughter" and "High Stakes" (which were published in F&SF in May/June 2012 and Nov/Dec 2012.)

Short Story

"The Wall," Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2013. This is my time-travel-Berlin-Wall story, in which a college student in 1989 is approached by a woman claiming to be her, from the future, and trying to persuade her to go to Berlin to see the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bits, Clarkesworld, October. This is the penis story. It's online and it's free, so you could go read it right now if you haven't already. I realized the other week that if you look me up on the Internet, it's currently the third hit. So this means that the lady I was chatting with at the parent coffee at school, who found out I was an author and wrote down my name: if she googled me, she's probably now read it.

Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

Bits, Clarkesworld, October. There's an audio version! Read by Kate Baker.
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January 10 2014, 22:39:05 UTC 3 months ago

Thanks for the tip! I subscribe to the Clarkesworld podcast, but can't keep up with it. I just opened iTunes, looked at the Clarkesworld feed, and there you are. I'm loading it onto my iPod now (can't pass up a penis story!).

Karen Lewis Jackson

January 28 2014, 14:12:15 UTC 2 months ago

Naomi - I'm totally enthralled with your Seastead stories - the world and the characters. Where are you with the next installment - will it be out in F&SF,or are they all being collected in book form?
Thank you - Karen Jackson (not so patiently waiting to hear about Beck and contagion!)


February 12 2014, 04:26:27 UTC 2 months ago

The next installment, "Containment Zone," will be in the May/June F&SF. Thanks for your interest!