Naomi (naomikritzer) wrote,

Gift shopping for people you hate

My annual passive-aggressive gift shopping ideas piece is on my WordPress blog this year, because WordPress makes it much, much easier to incorporate pictures than LJ does, and this year I wandered around Menards taking pictures of horrible things and I particularly wanted to share the photo of the giant stuffed dog.

Here's a direct link:

If you wish to leave comments here rather than there, feel free.
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December 9 2013, 13:18:01 UTC 4 months ago

The British flag neck pillow would be an appalling gift for any immigrants from the UK you might have to buy for. I wouldn't want a Canadian or US flag neck pillow -- and I own two neck pillows and use them a lot while travelling -- but it's the British one that would make me really cringe.

My ex-sister-in-law gave my son a giant teddy bear for Christmas once -- not as big as that, but about 5 foot long. Does this mean she didn't like me? (Hmm, what was my first clue?)