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October 23rd, 2013

Again with the imminent municipalization? :)

I don't think "trying to buy out Xcel" is the fairest characterization. I feel like Xcel will steer negotiations any way it wants to, unless the city takes steps to assert its side. I think of it as a little bit like CM Tuthill's patio ordinance, only with a faceless multi-zillion dollar for-profit corporation/climate change instead of human restaurateurs/a few drunken customers. An old friend who's in the wind energy biz told me that renewables don't fit well with for-profit utility business models; there's reason to believe that Xcel will need some serious prodding to give us energy that's both clean and affordable.</p>

Anyway, thank you for yet another set of comprehensive profiles. I may end up preferring Alondra even more than you do :)

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