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Molly & math

March 12th, 2012 (03:13 pm)

I've blogged in the past about Molly and math. My favorite illustrative story: back when Molly was in 1st grade, she figured out how to add mixed fractions by finding a common denominator based on the sample problem on the inside of her math notebook. (And then would ask me to give her fraction addition problems to work on while I brushed her hair, because she found them fun.)

When she was in 3rd grade, several people told me about a program at the U of M called UMTYMP (University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program). UMTYMP starts in 6th grade; it goes through high school math in two years. (Algebra I and II are year one; Geometry is one semester of year two; "Math Analysis" covers Trig plus the remaining pre-Calculus stuff.) Calculus I, II, and III are covered the next three years.

UMTYMP kids are supposed to NOT take math at their middle or high school; instead, they're supposed to get that time to work on their UMTYMP homework. The UMTYMP classes are held in the evening, once a week (I think). This program was appealing to me for Molly for a number of reasons, but one big one was that it actually sounded like it would be paced well for her. Molly grasps math stuff really quickly. When I was learning math, I needed a lot of repetition and sample problems before I actually could do problems on my own; Molly just doesn't.

Admission is by exam. They had an early exam option this year, where your kid could take the test in February, and they'd let you know whether they passed in time to try again in April if necessary.

Molly got in! We got the letter on Friday. She's excited.

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