Naomi (naomikritzer) wrote,


Thoughts on going through the stuff in my closet:

1. I remember wearing this and liking it, and yet when I put it on I hate the way it looks on me.
2. I remember buying this, and looking at it now I am baffled by what I might have been thinking. It's ugly / it's terrible on me / it's uncomfortable.
3. "Maybe someday I will be the sort of person who would wear this" is not a good reason to hold on to a garment.
4. "Maybe someday I will go to TeslaCon and need more than one steampunked-up outfit" on the other hand is an excellent reason to hold on to a garment.
5. I was holding onto this in case I had to go to a funeral. I had to go to a funeral this past fall and I found something else to wear. Out it goes.
6. I remember wearing this and liking it. In high school. WHY do I still have this? I don't need to put it on. I can remember putting it on, and then taking it off again because I didn't like the way it looked on me.
7. OK, I've bagged up a large percentage of the stuff in my closet and yet it's still full. Where the hell was I keeping everything?
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